Happy Chinese New Year 2017

Also known as the Spring Festival, Chinese New Year falls on January 28th this year. This is the year of the Yin Fire Rooster which is the Yin to the Yang of the Fire Monkey of 2016. If you recall from last year's Chinese New Year post, the year of the Fire Monkey was predicted to be, well, unpredictable, and it certainly lived up to that.

According to Lillian Pearl Bridges, an internationally recognized Five Element Feng Shui expert, “the Yin nature of the Rooster forecasts a calmer year and should bring a lot of relief from the shock, strain, tension and anxiety of last year. Many of the same issues are still around, but most new events will happen in a milder way. Much of what has to be dealt with will be repercussions from what has already happened. Plus, the consequences of some big decisions made in the Monkey Year will be revealed. One of the Rooster’s main jobs is to crow at the rise of the Sun, waking others up to face the challenges of the day. This Rooster is trying to wake people up to the challenges of the year! ”

What is Chinese New Year anyway? Find out more from from our blog post last year and these 10 interesting facts about Chinese New Year.

Happy New Year!

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