Who We Are

Many people are discouraged with their quality of life and feel stuck in a downward spiral. 

The surgical and pharmaceutical approach to symptom management has fallen short, leaving them feeling hopeless, unable to do activities once done with ease.

Red Earth Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine provides another way. We exist so you can take control of your health, get to the root of the problem and restore your body’s natural ability to heal. 

We know it’s frustrating to live with pain and have your quality of life diminished as a result. It is our mission to assist you in restoring your body’s ability to heal, so you can get back to being the healthiest version of you. Our time-tested healing practices identify and remove the roadblocks that are preventing your natural healing mechanism from functioning as intended. Through our approach, your body begins to repair itself again, you find relief and your energy is restored. You get your life and vitality back.

Throughout the treatment process, we arm clients with the knowledge and awareness they need to make choices that lead to wellness. After over 13,000 effective treatments, the success of our practice has been built on the real impact we’ve made in the lives of our clients. This is why we are the longest running, most established clinic in the area. People get better here.

We’ve experienced the body’s intrinsic ability to heal. We know the power of acupuncture in getting to the root of the problem and alleviating symptoms. You don’t have to remain discouraged and suffer any longer. We can help you get on the right path to healing and start truly living again.