“David Toone is a terrific, caring, Healer. My neck had been in hot, sharp, pain for more than a month despite all my regular self care. I was being treated by a chiropracter once a week and sometimes twice, with no relief. After my first session, I felt my walking stride lengthen and I began to feel relief in my neck. David listened and really heard me, and then began to unravel the problem. I am very grateful to have a pain free, elastic neck and an encouraged attitude. I was a professional athlete and have been treated by many skilled practitioners, none with more understanding and skill than David Toone. Thanks, David.”
G.P., Newnan

“When I first saw David, I could hardly walk. At 27 years old, I walked like I was 85 years old, barely able to move my back at all—hunched over, and in tremendous pain! I couldn’t work; I could hardly get out of bed to come to treatments. I had been trying out acupuncture once a week for almost 4 months with some, but very little improvement. Then David was assigned to my case. In just ONE visit, he made more progress reducing my pain levels and increasing my mobility than I had obtained from SEVEN standard acupuncture visits!!! As David continued to work on me, I experienced dramatic results. My pain dropped. I was even able to go back to work and function reasonably well, a total turnaround! Before I felt the results, I did not believe in alternative treatments, but they saved my life. David gave me back my life. David’s abilities are a tremendous gift. His abilities and expertise will be sorely missed in California. I highly recommend David for any kind of health concerns, but especially for chronic pain.”

C.K., California

"I am a nurse. I have tried all of the medicine that I could for my tennis elbow and my headaches. After going to see Rawls my tennis elbow is gone and my headaches are few and far between. I am a huge advocate for alternative medicine especially when the people performing it are so compassionate and competent. I love what they do and it's minimally invasive. I wish we could bring acupuncture into the hospital's to help people with pain."  B.G., Peachtree City

“My lower spine deformation was the cause of a lot of pain and I visited a chiropractor, which was able to provide some relief. Unfortunately the relief lasted only a short time and the spine slipped back into it’s bad position and caused a lot of discomfort. It was so bad that it interfered with my sleep and that of course caused other problems.

Enter David Toone, which my wife met through the Rotary Club. I had low expectations, but boy – was I wrong! After about 5 treatments and some herbal potions that he prepared specifically for me, I am now pain free, with only very few sporadic exceptions. My recommendation: be open-minded, give it a try, even if you are sceptical at best. You will be amazed – as I was.”
B.L., Peachtree City

“I had digestive problems for which I asked David Toone to help me. The acupuncture treatment was very effective and I experienced great side-benefits — the stiffness in my neck and shoulder (which had been bothering me for for over 30 years) went away, I have more energy and I sleep better. I find the treatment very gentle and relaxing, with lasting effect.
B.S. (age 71), Palmetto

I began seeing David Toone approximately 18 months ago for what appeared to be arthritic pain in my joints. At the time, I was on prescription medication costing $800 some months. As a result of David’s treatments, my pain has lessened and I have been totally free of prescription drugs for 10 months. One side effect of his treatments is last spring, I had no allergies which had bothered me for the past 25 years.
S.N., Palmetto