Managing Prescribed Herbal Therapy

Herbs Made Easy

While Chinese Herbology’s methods have proven to work through many generations, there are some shortcomings. Traditionally, herbal therapy was sent home with the client, with directions from the prescribing practitioner for its raw materials to be cooked. Many clients are simply too busy to commit to the time this requires. Also, many herbal teas have a strong aroma and taste many clients find unappealing.

We use many innovative methods to make herbal therapy intake a simple and enjoyable task. Many of our formulas can be delivered as concentrated herbal extracts. These formulas are easy to take and many are not available elsewhere in prepared form with the full classical doses.

We use the very best quality of herbs from only a handful of suppliers committed to providing pure, organic herbs cultivated and prepared in accordance with traditional Oriental Medicine principles and practices. Each herb is also inspected when it arrives at the clinic for quality, freshness, and accuracy of species.

We are committed to providing his clients with an herbal experience unequaled anywhere else in the world with regards to convenience, flexibility, potency, purity, and price.