Truly Painless Acupuncture

The Iwashina Method

David relies heavily on the method of Meridian Therapy taught by his teacher Master Acupuncturist Anryu Iwashina (岩品 安柳 ) of Morioka, Japan.

The Iwashina Method is a highly refined form of Japanese Meridian Therapy. It differs from most other forms of acupuncture treatment found in the United States in that relies heavily on non-insertion needling methods to restore, balance, and revitalize the body’s basic energy output. Practitioners of this method primarily use special gold and silver needles called Teishin to achieve results.

During treatment the acupuncturist uses special diagnostic methods to determine if the body’s channels are either in a state of excess or deficiency. Oriental Medical Theory states that such imbalances are the cause of pain and illness and correcting these imbalances puts the client back on the path to wellness and restored health.