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It’s been longer than we have expected since our last newsletter. As with almost everyone else, it has been an extremely challenging environment to navigate these past few months. We are happy to report that the clinic has been functioning wonderfully. Our heartfelt thanks for being able to support everyone through this challenging time.

As we continue to move forward into what looks like uncharted waters, we want to remind people to look to past events for clues about what is likely to happen next and how to conduct ourselves. Currently, we see two extremes of conduct in our society. We have, what I will call, the “Ostriches”, who are putting their heads in the sand pretending that we have nothing to worry about while avoiding any information that might suggest otherwise. At the other end of the spectrum are the “Chicken Littles” who are so paralyzed with fear that they can’t seem to do anything. In today’s environment, paradoxically, the Ostriches are the ones moving about too much and not paying any attention to Social Distancing guidelines, etc. and the Chicken Littles don’t let their children outside to even run around the yard.Both extremes are ignoring our modern understanding of how viruses spread and the ancestral wisdom that humanity has been using for generations to keep us healthy and safe.  

In the clinic, we have worked to strike a balance between the two extremes - a sort of middle way. On the one-hand, we stayed open during the epidemic and yet are taking the possibility of accidental spread very seriously.

I mentioned that the clinic has been doing well this year, in spite of these being difficult seas to navigate. This is due in no small part to the fantastic team we have at the clinic right now. Let’s take a moment to introduce you to them:

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Our Covid 19 Formulas

1) Lung Qi Formula:

This Classical formula has been used for over 2000 years to strengthen and restore lung health and is a formula that we normally incorporate into larger more specific tailored formulas for our patients. In its stand-alone form, this formula has been effectively used to prevent symptoms in the hospital staff during the current outbreak in a hospital in China. We are offering this formula to as many people as possible as we feel this is most effective and most affordable herbal formula people can use in the current environment.

This formula is available to anyone.  The cost is $50 for a 10 day supply for an adult.

2) “Triage” Kit:

This kit contains the three most important formulas that match the symptoms of the current outbreak. These formulas have been part of the core strategies for first-line defense against epidemics for 2000 years. We selected these formulas as the ones your family will most likely need in the critical first hours aft the onset of symptoms. Based on our experience treating during the H1N1 outbreak in 2009 as well as the experiences with our colleagues in Asia and the United States treating these symptoms.  

This kit is only available to current patients. If you would like to become a patient and receive our “Triage” Kit, please click to become a patient.  

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The Role of the Classical Method

As a values driven clinic, all of our decisions are passed through the filter of how can we best fulfill our mission, which is: We exist to assist our patient’s natural ability to heal. Imbedded in this value is our promise to always put the patient’s best interest above the clinic. Please know that this is the standard that we are applying as we move forward into territory that is, for most Americans alive today, uncharted.  

I want to take a moment to provide you a quick update on information significant to your health and safety, discuss with you the role our Traditional Chinese Medicine Clinic plays in our current environment, and, most importantly, discuss with everyone our plans going forward.

First, a quick summary and update of the information we are tracking and feel is relevant based on the current data we have:

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2019 Retrospective

As we mark our 11th year effectiveness the clinic opened, I can say that I have never been so grateful and blessed to have the opportunity to work with such wonderful patents. We have patients now that have literally been with us for the entire 11-year journey.


During the Thanksgiving break, I travelled with my son Ethan to visit schools in Japan, where he has decided he wants to study after High School. This trip involved direct parental involvement for the first half and some strategically placed neglect during the second half. After our school tours were done, I left Ethan and his friend to their own devices and headed to Northern Japan to study with my teacher. The goal was to be close — just in case the boys got in trouble — but no so close that they couldn’t get a feel of what it’s like being on one’s own in another country. The trip was a huge success and Ethan came back with a renewed sense of confidence and enthusiasm in his choice to study abroad. Reflecting on the trip, I am reminded of the countless conversations I have had with patients over the years where information, tips nuances and painful parental failures were shared making mental notes as needed. Locked in these moments were countless nuggets of wisdom that formed a library of parenting tips and advice that I have had available to me over the years at those critical parenting moments. To all of you who shared — Thank you!

The second part of my trip marked the first time I had stepped foot in my acupuncture teacher, Iwashina Sensei’s, clinic since I set up shop in Peachtree City in 2008. Though I have continued to study and assist him practically every year during his seminars in Oregon, California and more recently in Texas, there is nothing like observing a master in his own workshop. In 2008, I remember watching him treat and saying to myself “I am not leaving (Japan) until I master such and such a technique.” Ten years and 14,000 plus treatments later, I can honestly say, I am well on the way. As powerful and impactful as the techniques I witnessed were in 2008, it pales in comparison to what I observed this time around. If the last experience was marked by awe of the techniques, this go-around was marked by awe at the complete lack of specific techniques. My teacher was just treating each person at their root, and they were getting better.

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Happy Thanksgiving!


We give thanks for our patients every day of the week, and at this time of year we reflect back on how blessed we are to be entrusted to provide our services to you. At the clinic, we frequently discuss what a pleasure it is to work with our patients and how thankful we are to have been trained in such an amazing medicine. We delight when our patients show progress, and we see difficult cases as an enjoyable challenge. We love every aspect of what we do and thank you for allowing us to serve your health care needs! As you enjoy your Thanksgiving holidays with family and friends, know that we are grateful that you are a part of our community.  

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