How to Take the High Ground in the Fight Against Diseases

Let’s look at the fastest, easiest things people can do stay healthy and keep the terrain of their bodies as favorable as possible to stay in balance and fight disease.

A) Warm bodies are strong bodies:  Those of you who have been treated in the clinic may have noticed me focusing on what parts of the outside of the body are warm and which are cold. As Through treatment, the cold areas will warm up over time. I have had patients come back to the clinic years after being treated, with these areas still warm. 

Research shows the effect temperature plays on viral loads; they are able to show that they go down in a warm body and up in a cold body. When a body can reduce a viral load it is winning against the virus.

Warm bodies can mount a faster and stronger immune response. The cells from the immune system are delivered through the blood and the dead cells are removed from the lymph. The three three most important things you can do stimulate the defense response make sure there is as little of the following types of food in your diet:(Not to be a broken record, but the full story on SCR can be found in our ebook)

So keep your self warm, preserve your heat and move/exercise frequently to keep the blood and lymph open and moving.

B) Fuel: Right now, eat as little junk food as possible. This includes all the normal junk foods everyone knows about (we don’t have to tell people that Twinkies are bad for us), but also foods that are what I call denatured. These include all foods that are taken through modern industrialized food preparation processes. It includes boxed, pre made and pre packages, including breakfast cereals, energy bars, boxed foods and prepared foods from the freezer section.  These simply don’t have the nutritional value necessary to sustain a vigorous immune response.  

By eating whole, clean and slow, you will be reducing the artificial in your diet. Preservatives and additives like those in fast and commercially made food must be removed from the body via the same waste removal processes that dead viruses/bacteria, etc are removed. So take as much stress of your system by allowing to focus on keeping you healthy not detoxing from poor food choices. So, take the extra time we have now to cook more.

C) Sleep: What is the biggest thing that happens when we get sick aside from any acute symptoms? We get tired. The body is forcing us to convalesce. Most modern people are running a sleep deficit anyway, so get a jump on your recover by sleeping more NOW. It can make the difference between your immune system being able to fight something of and getting “sick”. So just start NOW! Get you eight hours in, just do it. Your immune system will be significantly stronger as a result and your body will naturally be able to keep viral loads down and more likely to stay under control. 

As I mentioned earlier, we have been reading reports about the disease progression of this epidemic. In most instances, it seems to start with mild symptoms and then follows the typical disease progression that we have been using in the clinic for years.  

I want to focus the rest of this letter on the self-care techniques I was taught to effectively treat the early onset of a disease. In the Classical Method context, we call this Taiyang disease. Think of Taiyang as the outer most layer of defense which, if treated effectively, can stop the progression of disease.

Taiyang symptoms: Still nape and neck, can cause headache, usually along the back, raised body temp (including fever), irritability and dislike of windy conditions (including feeling aversion to being near a blowing heater or air conditioner vent).

Solution: If you feel these symptoms, take a hot bath (hot to the point where you will start sweating within five minutes), then get out, dry off and put on your warm pajama and go to sleep under as many sheets as you can manage. If your body can manage to sweat if your immune system is healthy, you can fight off the infection.  

Again, this is not something that I know will work on this epidemic, but it is the self care method I was taught by my teachers and the one I use for myself and my family and will be using at this time.  Clinically, we have observed that if one can get the right treatment for a disease while it is still in Taiyang, the disease progression is halted and does not progress in severity. Given that this outbreak seems to be mild for for healthy people and deadly for people with serious health conditions, I feel comfortable sharing this will our patient population.   

There are tons of things that you can do to keep your immune system up and balanced, these were just some suggestions from our tradition and point of view. If you have something else that works for you, then by all means do it.

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