Herb Room Manager

Do you have a love of natural healing traditional medicine? Have you ever wanted to work with a a 2,000
year-old herbal medicine tradition to change people’s lives in the modern world? Do you enjoy working in a small,
start-up environment? Do you love solving problems, process design and making production grow?

Are you methodical, detail-oriented with an appreciation for helping people heal? Is it easy for you to be
productive in a calm, nurturing environment? Are you curious, thoughtful, and hardworking all at the same time? Do
you love systems? Do you have outstanding communication and interpersonal skills? This job is for you.

We are an established East Asian Medicine Clinic in Fayetteville, GA (25 minutes south of Atlanta Hartsfield-
Jackson Airport) that has developed a modular concentrated extract product system used by Red Earth Acupuncture
and Oriental Medicine clinic for over 15 years. Due to demand from other clinics, we are seeking the right individual to
transition our production to meeting that demand.

Specific responsibilities include, but are not limited to:
  • General management of daily herb operations including making herbal preparations
  • Following AND creating SOP and M&Ps.
  • Management and training of herb personnel
  • Supply management and re-ordering
  • Assistance in forming weekly and monthly schedules
  • Generating and implementing effective systems for efficient production
  • Management of deliveries, wholesale orders, and shipping
  • Inventory management
  • Consistent, punctual arrival at the facility
  • Regular communications with the head herbalist concerns in the facility
  • Accurate and consistent record-keeping of production
  • Informing the head herbalist of any problems/concerns/malfunctions of herb room equipment
  • Maintaining cleanliness, including correct equipment cleaning and record-keeping of cleaning procedures
  • A commitment to safety for both patients and personnel
  • Maintaining a consistent demeanor of professionalism and kindness

Requirements to apply:
  • Must have strong organizational skills
  • Must have process-building skills
  • Must be an excellent communicator
  • Must be a quick learner
  • Must be adaptable and resilient to stress
  • Must enjoy working independently
  • Must be flexible and forgiving
  • Must be computer savvy (some proficiency with Microsoft Excel is required), and the ability to learn new document management systems.
  • Herbalisim-specific skills are preferred, but not required
  • Restaurant, bakery, or other food prep/manufacturing and/or chemistry/pharmacist experience preferred
  • Prior management experience preferred
  • Must be able to lift 50lbs
  • Must have dependable transportation
Herbal and/or pharmaceutical knowledge is desirable, and an interest in Oriental Medicine is a plus.  Pro bono acupuncture treatments and herbs are offered as a benefit. Compensation TBD based on experience.
Next steps:
Submit the following to clinic@redearthacupuncture.com:
    a. Resume
    b. Letter of interest indicating specifically why you want to work in our clinic

NOTE: No application will be considered without both your resume and letter of interest.

In the age of online applications, it’s too easy for applicants to apply to scores of jobs at once, and we don’t have the resources to look at hundreds of applications from the typical job sites. Conversely, we promise that every submission that meets our criteria will receive our full attention. We know there is a real person behind the resume and we understand that job searching is one of the more challenging things people face.

Thank you so much for taking time to read our job posting. The more you know about us, the better you can determine if we are a good long-term fit. We look forward to hearing from you.