Herb Room Manager

Are you self motivated and detail oriented? Do you enjoy researching and cooking?
Do you want to work where you are valued and appreciated?

Then consider coming on as our Herb Room Manager. We are an established East Asian Medicine Clinic in Fayetteville (close to Peachtree City) that offers Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Herbal Therapies to patients in the greater Atlanta metro area.

Here at Red Earth Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine our practitioner provides effective, painless acupuncture in the Classical Japanese Method. In addition, he prescribes concentrated herb extracts that enhance the recovery of the patients. These concentrated herb extracts are produced in house, and the Herb Room Manager is responsible for their production.

Your duties as Herb Room Manager would include:
Maintaining proper stock levels- The Herb Room Manager monitors the ‘on hand’ quantity of both the raw herb ingredients and the finished liquid extracts, initiating any needed raw herb orders and scheduling the production of needed liquid extracts. We have an advanced accounting program that aids in this process.
Preparing the raw herb formulas- The Herb Room Manager overseas and produces the needed liquid extracts. This entails reading and following formula recipes, maintaining cook times and water levels, and properly pressing cooked herbs to extract the liquid. All this while maintaining a clean environment and ensuring proper handling techniques.
Receiving and checking in shipments- The Herb Room Manager sees that orders are received, recorded, and that the received herbs are correct.
Cleaning and maintaining the herb room and machines- The Herb Room Manager is responsible for keeping everything in the herb room extremely clean, as is needed in a production environment.
Preparing shipments for people across the country- The Herb Room manager is responsible for packaging, labeling, and mailing herbs and extracts to patients and other acupuncturists as needed.
Assuring accuracy and quality throughout the entire process- The Herb Room Manager is responsible for the efficient and professional running of the herb room.
Does the above Herb Room Manager job description fit with your skill set and correspond with your idea of a fulfilling job? If so, now ask yourself the following questions:
Are you able to lift up to 50 pounds and push around heavy equipment on wheels? 
Do you have good computer skills? 
Do you have an interest in and ability to cook? 
Does the thought of being an integral part of helping people heal bring you joy?
Do you want to be cross-trained in other areas and given new challenges as your abilities grow?
Does your schedule fit the needs of the clinic?
Currently, we need a PT Herb Room Manager. Hours will range between 16-32 hours, depending on clinic herb demand and volume. Herbal and/or pharmaceutical knowledge is desirable, and an interest in Oriental Medicine is a plus. Position has potential to become FT in the months ahead. There will be a 90 day probationary period, paid at $15/hour. Afterwards, pay will increase to $16/hour, with ability to increase as your hours, skills and impact increase. Pro bono acupuncture treatments and herbs are offered as a benefit.
Next steps:
1. Go to our website redearthacupuncture.com and learn more about us.
2. Submit the following to ivette@redearthacupuncture.com:
    a. Resume
    b. Letter of interest indicating specifically why you want to work in our clinic

NOTE: no application will be considered without both your resume and letter of interest.

In the age of online applications, it’s too easy for applicants to apply to scores of jobs at once, and we don’t have the resources to look at hundreds of applications from the typical job sites. Conversely, we promise that every submission that meets our criteria will receive our full attention. We know there is a real person behind the resume and we understand that job searching is one of the more challenging things people face.

Thank you so much for taking time to read our job posting. The more you know about us, the better you can determine if we are a good long-term fit. We look forward to hearing from you.