Emotional Health

The connection between the mind and body in Oriental medicine is axiomatic. All physical symptoms affect the mind, and the mind, in turn, affects the body. By using this small nugget of wisdom the path to emotional security and wellbeing can be maintained.


Sleep problems are often a result of the sympathetic nervous system’s inability to calm down. This is one of the primary reasons for chronic insomnia.

Anxiety and Stress

Remaining calm in the face of stress depends on the relationship between the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system. Oriental medicine has a strong effect on this relationship, as it can assist in activating the parasympathetic nervous system – the feeling of calm that is the natural you! As the body’s health improves, it settles into a state of its own being without the need for further outside intervention.

Mental Health and Behavior (Psychological Issues)

  • Psychiatric disorders
  • Anxiety (PTSD, panic attacks)
  • Depression
  • Insomnia

Please note that people suffering from mental health disorders should be treated by a competent mental health professional and use Oriental Medicine as an effective adjunct therapy.