Recipe of the Month: Yon’s Korean Porridge

Yon's Korean Porridge Recipe

This is a great recipe for any meal but especially when you are not feeling well. The thickness of this porridge is up to you -- you can make it thicker by using less water or thinner by using more. You can use plain water, rice water, veggie-stock, chicken or beef broth depending on the flavor you want.



Plain Porridge

1. Soak fresh rice for at least 1/2 hour in clean water. Place rice on the stove to boil using twice the amount of water or stock. Break an egg, mix together, and pour it over the rice as it boils. Stir a few times and turn the stove off (Optional: add a few drops of sesame oil or salt for flavoring).

2. Alternatively, if you already have leftover cooked rice you can skip the soaking. We recommend you simmer the water or stock and rice on medium heat rather than boiling it. Make sure the egg is cooked well.

3. You can also add any leftover meat, such as chicken, beef, turkey, or pork and add it to the simmering porridge until it becomes tender. If you use meat, I recommend adding ground garlic, and if you are using poultry then consider adding a piece of ginger.

* For this porridge, you can add add spinach, sliced cabbage, or thin sliced potato and boil it for a short time at the end if cooking.

Whole Chicken Porridge

This porridge is made using whole chicken and short grain rice.

1. Soak 1 cup of short grain rice for at least ½ hour in clean water.

2. Stuff the rice into the chicken with some garlic and a few slices of ginger. Place into a slow cooker and fill with water until the chicken is covered.

3. Cook for 4-6 hours or until chicken falls off the bones. Remove the bones and shred the chicken. Place back into slow cooker

4. In a separate bowl, break and mix an egg. Add to porridge, stirring well.

5. To serve, top with green onions, some salt, and/or sesame oil.

While porridge is great for recovery of the digestive system, it is also a fantastic daily breakfast! Porridge recipes date back thousands of years and it was the original “Breakfast of Champions” before General Mills trademarked that in 1936.

We don’t recommend oats or other whole grain porridges for rebuilding the digestion, as they require additional preparation or a more robust digestive system. We’ll go over that in detail in a future newsletter, about how carbs became the enemy and how to turn grains back into the Staff of Life.

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