March Newsletter: Digestive Tune up

My teacher, Iwashina Sensei, would always teach his students: regulate the digestive system and 80% of the time 80% of the problems get better. Every treatment we give at Red Earth has a portion dedicated to improving, restoring, and optimizing your digestive system - that’s one of the reasons why the pain starts to go away so fast. 

In December, we had several new patients begin treatment where the digestive system needed a complete “overhaul”. One patient was recovering from cancer treatments; another was diagnosed by their MD with Gastroparesis and another with severe gallstones. In each case, they needed to do more than just take the pressure off the digestive system, which we do by having patients avoid the “SCR” — sweet cold and raw. Check out our short e-book that delves into the how’s and why’s of “SCR” and the importance of a healthy, functioning digestive system. In the aforementioned cases, people have to go further than just drinking warm drinks, eating cooked foods, and cutting down on sweets. 

So what is the next step and how do we take it to the next level?

For most people the SCR guidelines makes a dramatic difference; however, sometimes the digestive system has been knocked out of commission for so long that it needs a complete “reboot”. In this case, taking the pressure off the digestive tract is not enough. Just like sometimes in your car, it needs more than a tune-up when you take it into the shop. So what happens when you need a digestive rebuild? The good news is that there is a lot you can do outside the clinic at home for little or no cost. Drawing from the wisdom of our ancestors, we already have the blueprint for you. You can do a tremendous amount at home, without resorting to expensive treatments or becoming hooked on a stream of supplements. 

The answer is to go back to the basics that is a simple, well-cooked grain porridge. If prepared correctly, this is the best way to get the body the absorbable nutrients it needs to rebuild. While there are too many variations of porridge to count, we want to offer a basic version, brought to you by our very own Yon, our senior Clinical Assistant. It is traditionally used as a recovery food after you have been sick, when the digestive system is still weak, but it can be used for chronic problems like we often treat in the clinic. 

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