Walking Line Creek


In the clinic, there are three components to restoring your body’s ability to heal: acupuncture, herbs, and lifestyle. Two of these components- Acupuncture and Herbs- are available to everybody and discussed regularly. The third component, except for nutrition, has been left to the side, out of the larger discussion. However, it’s super important and filled with so many fascinating nuances that it’s high time to bring it into the conversation.  

Lifestyle is the portion that you can control and has a great effect on the success of the other two. It’s not just about nutrition, it’s about movement, managing stress, and balancing your life. 

A regular component of the newsletter has been about recipes, and those are not going away, but I want to introduce a second component: movement with my special guest Samhain (Sow-en).  

Samhain and I know the easiest way to get into movement is to do just that, MOVE. Walk, jog, run, climb. If you don’t want to walk your neighborhood or want some new places to explore, we’re here to help by showing you some excellent trails and parks in the South OTP area. 

We’re starting with Line Creek Nature Area in Peachtree City (You’ll find a map of the park below). It’s located on Line Creek Drive, Peachtree City, GA 30269 next to the shopping center with TJ. Maxx and Ulta. 

The trails are all color-coded and you’ll find trees painted with the colors along with posts showing where new ones begin. If you’re just starting with walking, the pond trail (green) is a very quick 5 to10-minute trip around. The longest trail is the white one, but it doesn’t go in a circle. You just kind of reach the end and have to turn back. The colors to follow for a circle is white->yellow->orange (or red)-> green->white.  Here's the map:


The trail is a relaxing walk to and along the water, with plenty of spaces to pause and stick your feet in or to just relax on a rock. It’s a welcoming feeling during the heat of the summer. Below are a couple of images from our walk, along with some tips:

The beginning of the trails are marked with a post that has the name of the trail and its color.








The trail doesn’t just need to be about walking, there are many areas by the water that make great picnic spots. It’s all about enjoying the journey!




One bit of advice: there are some areas of stone that get slick when wet. Be careful if you walk the trail after rain. 




Near the entrance to the trail, there's a donation box for the park. If you can help with either of those, please do so to help maintain the area.

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