Brenda’s After Thanksgiving Tea

To help prepare your digestion for the over eating that comes with Thanksgiving, we will offer this tea in the clinic this week:

  • Shan Zha, aka Hawthorn Berry, 12g
  • Mai Ya, aka Barley Sprout, 15 g

Boil both in water for 15 minutes, then pour into cups and drink warm as a tea after dinner. Serves four and can be reboiled for a second cup after the cheesecake. Unsweetened, this tea is quite tart, so feel free to add a little honey to taste, but it will balance very well after a sweet dessert without any sweetener.

You are welcomed to stop by the clinic at anytime Wednesday (11/21-11/22) to try a cup. We will also have the herbs available in little bags to take home and cook for your family and friends. If you are hosting a big party, please call ahead so we can make sure we have enough prepared for you. That said, these are culinary herbs and are available at most Asian groceries, if you do not have time to hop in.


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