What to Expect

Oriental Medicine (sometimes called East Asian Medicine) is a traditional medicine originally from China, and has been the primary source of healthcare for more than half of the world’s population.  It differs from a Western diagnosis because our clients do not receive information based on a biomedical view of the body. Instead, diagnosis comes from a basis of theories about the body which have been developed over thousands of years. The methods used in arriving at a diagnosis are: looking at the skin, face, and tongue, listening to the tone of voice and breathing, along with hearing what our clients are saying, and the touch of acupuncture techniques. In addition, much of the diagnostic information derives from information received by checking the abdomen and the client’s pulse just above the wrist.

Your Appointment

The initial appointment lasts about 1 hour and 30 minutes and includes an acupuncture treatment.  Followup appointments last 45 minutes to 1 hour.  

During treatment the acupuncturist uses special diagnostic methods to determine if the body’s channels are either in a state of excess or deficiency. Oriental Medical Theory states that such imbalances are the cause of pain and illness and correcting these imbalances puts the client back on the path to wellness and restored health.

Treatments may consist of Acupuncture, moxibustion, cupping and guasha modalities, one or more of which may be included in your treatment depending on your condition.  If warranted, we may also prescribe an herbal formula as part of your treatment plan.

Most patients find the treatments very relaxing and some people even go to sleep during treatment. A patient may feel a slight sensation when the  needle connects with the “qi” (pronounced “chee”) or energy of the body.  The most common sensation reported is a feeling of increased well-being and balance.  

Two Styles of Needling  

David practices The Iwashina Method - Truly Painless Acupuncture

David relies heavily on the method of Meridian Therapy taught by his teacher Master Acupuncturist Anryu Iwashina (岩品 安柳 ) of Morioka, Japan.

The Iwashina Method is a highly refined form of Japanese Meridian Therapy. It differs from most other forms of acupuncture treatment found in the United States in that relies heavily on non-insertion needling methods to restore, balance, and revitalize the body’s basic energy output. Practitioners of this method primarily use special gold and silver needles called Teishin to achieve results.

Rawls Practices Classical Chinese Acupuncture

Classical Chinese Acupuncture predates the 1950's communist Chinese standardized form of Chinese Medicine known as TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) and honors the ancient roots of the medicine codified in the classical Chinese Medical texts written more than 2,000 years ago.   

Rawls uses single use, sterilized needles to perform her acupuncture treatments.   Made from extremely fine gauge (slightly larger than the width of a single hair), flexible stainless steel wire of surgical quality, acupuncture needles are nothing like a hypodermic injection needle or the needles which are used to draw blood, which cut their way through the skin. Acupuncture needles pass through the skin without cutting. The tiny thin needles are specifically designed to be virtually painless. There is nothing put on, or in, the needles.  Needles generally do not cause bleeding on entry or removal.   Most acupuncture patients are surprised to discover that treatments involve little or no pain, and are usually quite relaxing.  You will rest for approximately 20 minutes. This is a good time to listen to your body, feel the energy moving, or just rest. If anything is too uncomfortable we can adjust the needles or reset them.  It is often a time of intense relaxation.  

Rawls is also trained in the Truly Painless Acupuncture method of using Teishin needles that are not inserted in the skin.  

Herbal Therapy

Chinese Herbal Medicine is the longest continually practiced medicine in the world. It has the benefit of thousands of years of clinical trial and error. The formulas offered by David have been part of this long, rich tradition.  David uses many innovative methods to make herbal therapy intake a simple and enjoyable task. Many of our formulas can be delivered as concentrated herbal extracts that you can take at home.. These formulas are easy to take and many are not available elsewhere in prepared form with the full medicinal doses.  If herbal medicine is indicated for your condition, we will prepare the formula for you with detailed instructions for dosage at home.

Moxa, Cupping and Guasha

Treatments may also involve other techniques such as moxibustion, cupping or guasha.  “Moxibustion" involves the burning of the herb mugwort over an acupuncture point. The patient will feel mild heat from this process, though not enough to cause pain. Many patents find moxibustion to be a pleasant and relaxing experience. The heat from moxibustion is very penetrating, making it effective for impaired circulation, cold and damp conditions like arthritis, and can even be used to turn a breech baby.

Guasha is a scraping technique that releases unhealthy elements from injured areas and stimulates blood flow and healing. Modern research shows guasha produces an anti-inflammatory and immune protective effect that persists for days providing relief that patients feel from pain, stiffness, fever, chill, cough, wheeze, nausea and vomiting etc.

Cupping is a therapy in which heated glass cups are applied to the skin of the body, creating suction as a way of stimulating the flow of energy.  Cupping is much like the inverse of massage - rather than applying pressure to muscles, it uses gentle pressure to pull them upward.  Cupping can loosen muscles, encourage blood flow, and sedate the nervous system (which makes it an excellent treatment for high blood pressure). This treatment is also valuable for the lungs, and can clear congestion from a common cold or help to control a person's asthma.

After Your Treatment

After your treatment, we will discuss a treatment plan for you.  The number of visits required is dependent on your condition and your wellness goals.  Chronic conditions that have been around for years may require more treatments than an acute injury or condition.  Everybody is unique and we tailor our treatments to you and your condition   We truly believe in the body’s intrinsic ability to heal from within and the power of acupuncture in alleviating symptoms and creating the energetic balance necessary for optimum health.