Other practitioners in our lineages:

Practitioners using the Iwashina Contact (aka, Dr. Bear Method) needling method:

Masako Wada, L.Ac. at My Path To Wellness Clinic in Austin, Texas

Lori Zarr, L.Ac. at Traditional Health Arts in Petaluma, California

Salvador Cefalu, L.Ac. at A Center for Natural Healing in Santa Clara, California

Johannes Kazuo (“Kaz”) Wegmuller, L.Ac., practicing in Santa Cruz, California has a very nice blog about his experience as a “Dr. Bear” practitioner:
Doing Acupuncture

Practitioners using the Tian/Zeng Classical Method lineage:

ICEAM: Institute of Classics In East Asian Medicine  


National Center for Alternative and Complementary Medicine (NCCAM): Acupuncture: What You Need To Know