About David Toone

David established the Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine clinic in September 2007 with the belief that people want to start taking back control of their health and are eager for health solutions that are not based on pharmaceuticals or surgery.  David specializes in two highly effective forms of Oriental Medicine: Traditional Japanese Style Acupuncture and Moxa and Classical Herbalism.

Traditional Japanese Style Acupuncture

David specializes in Truly Painless Acupuncture, a special method of acupuncture which does not puncture the skin and uses a special form of non-invasive needling. Based on the Classical methods of Master Acupuncturist Anryu Iwashina, Truly Painless Acupuncture achieves excellent results with absolutely no pain or discomfort.

What Makes Japanese Style Acupuncture Special?

Its primary focus is on careful and gentle acupuncture techniques formulated to build the basic energy of the body. According to the Japanese Theory and Study of Chinese Classical texts, strong needle stimulation can cause pain and damage the body’s upright energy. David takes this principle very seriously. By treating our client’s main symptoms while building up and balancing the body’s basic energy needs, the road to recovery tends to shorten as the symptoms see a more rapid improvement.


David Toone  is a Diplomate of Canonical Chinese Medicine℠ DCCM℠ and a Fellow of the Institute of Classics in East Asian Medicine℠ FICEAM℠ 

David is an herbalist specialized in Canonical Chinese Medicine™, a style of herbalism based on the Chinese Han-dynasty classics, and has completed more than 400 hours of advanced post-graduate training at the Institute of Classics in East Asian Medicine™ where in 2012 he was certified as a Diplomate. In 2015, David was certified David a Fellow of the Institute of Classics in East Asian Medicine FICEAM, after the successful completion of a 200 hours clinical internship. For more information of David’s advanced training certifications, please visit www.iceam.org

By using the traditional formulas, he helps treat and assist our clients in restoring balance to their bodies in an easy and all-natural way. David accomplishes this by preparing a full array of concentrated,classical strenght herbal extracts.

More About David

David is a classically trained acupuncturist and herbalist who loves helping people. After graduation from law school and working for a telecommunications/Internet startup company, David received his Masters of Science in Oriental Medicine from the Acupuncture and Integrative Medicine College in Berkley, California. There he trained in Traditional Chinese Herbology, and Chinese and Japanese Methods of Acupuncture. David began to study traditional methods of acupuncture with Japanese master acupuncturists Koji Ichihachi and Anryu Iwashina (known as Dr. Bear to his Native American friends). In October 2008, he was one of two foreign students invited to return to Mr. Iwashina’s clinic in Morioka to train. 

David is currently licensed in Georgia and is nationally board certified in Acupuncture and Chinese Herbology through the National Certification Commision for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM) . He also holds a fourth degree black belt in the Japanese martial art Shorinji Kempo.

David is a traditionalist who looks to the ancient theories about how our bodies work and our relationship to the world around us. He believes all healing to be internal and encourages his clients to be participants with managing their health and the healing process rather than just becoming a patient. True to his training, David seeks to understand the relationships between his client’s symptoms and their lifestyle choices, including dietary habits, and their relationships with themselves in a more universal spectrum. He believes every person has a divinely inspired purpose and is honored to have the opportunity to help his clients achieve a state of wellbeing which will allow them to more fully reach that purpose. While modern science looks for the new and undiscovered, David seeks to rediscover and uncover our innate wisdom to restore health.

David’s first objective in treating is exemplified in the following parable related by his teacher, Mr. Iwashina:

“A man approached the Buddha because he wanted all his questions answered before beginning his practice. The Buddha responded that this made as much sense to him as a man, wounded by an arrow, telling his physician, ‘I will not allow you to remove this arrow before I learn the caste, age, occupation, birthplace, and motivation of the person who shot the arrow.’ The Buddha stated the wounded man would surely die before he learned all of those things.”

Likewise, David seeks to first remove the “arrow” from his clients by focusing on treating their pain and suffering first, followed by assisting them to correct the underlying causes and conditions that give rise to their symptoms.